Coming soon – The Falls Resort New Sunset Deck!

by Royalty on

The Deck SiteOne of the most popular places at the Royal Livingstone is the sunset deck by the river. It is a beautiful wooden deck where our guests like to sit and watch the sunset. The water rushes past; hippos wallow in the shallows and the spray from the Victoria Falls rises into the air not far away. It really is a stunning location and one that we all love –a real ‘must do’ for guests visiting the resort.

As it is so popular for guests of The Royal Livingstone Hotel and The Zambezi Sun, together with guests from Livingstone and surrounds, our deck gets very congested at times. Everyone wishes to admire the majestic Victoria Falls as the sun sets over the Zambezi. We have known for a long time that we needed to make more deck space for guests, but how could we do it?

The Falls Resort is not only in the Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park; it is also in a World Heritage Site. Any changes to the landscape are strictly controlled as part of our environmental strategy. We considered various options with our designers, landscapers and environmentalists and finally we decided to add another deck in a convenient location where the impact would be absolutely minimal. The proposal for the sunset deck was compiled in a document and submitted to the Zambia Environmental Management Agency. Upon receiving their approval, work began as part of our guest improvements at the Falls Resort.

The new deck is about fifty yards downstream of the original one and under some huge trees; surrounding the deck are date palms which have a slightly tropical feel about them. The view over the river is the as spectacular as the original sunset deck, just slightly closer to the Victoria Falls.

I went for a walk there just as the ground was being prepared and took a photograph so that I could have a ‘before and after’ shot of the site. The area had been cordoned off and the construction team are on site measuring the ground and planning for the work. Giulio, the Hotel Manager of the Royal Livingstone, was standing watching the progress. I know he will keep a strict eye on the development of the deck, as he is very protective of our trees, some of which have taken a hundred years to grow. We are all very excited to watch this spectacular new guest facility develop!

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