Lunar Rainbow

by Royalty on

Every month at full moon is a special time for us at the Falls Resort because a lunar rainbow over the Victoria Falls can be seen. For three days during the full moon period the park around the Victoria Falls is open for visitors to come and view the scene.

In America they call the lunar rainbow a ‘moonbow’. It can be seen over the Niagara Falls and Yosemite Falls at some times of the year. However at Niagara Falls there are now so many electric lights around the falls that the lunar rainbow can rarely be seen. At the Victoria Falls the lunar rainbow can be seen every month except when there is heavy cloud cover … which is not very often, except sometimes in January and February.

From the Falls Resort it is just a short walk along the footpaths to the entrance to the park. Our footpaths are well lit but it is a good idea to take a torch for finding your way around the footpaths in the park. Passing through the park gate the sound of the Victoria Falls is like thunder, the moonlight shining through the trees. On arrival at one of the viewing points the lunar rainbow can be seen arching over the falls and the chasm below. It really is quite magical.

The lunar rainbow can also be seen from the Victoria Falls Bridge, which is now open for those people who would like to bungee jump into the near-darkness under the light of the moon. It is not far but most of our guests drive to the border, and then walk the short distance in the moonlight to the bridge. The bridge, of course, is ‘no-man’s-land’ between Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Taking a photograph of a lunar rainbow is not easy. It requires a long exposure; some say of 30 seconds, so a tripod for the camera is a must. If you are like me and not very expert with a camera, there is plenty of time to practice. You can take photograph after photograph until you have it just right. What a spectacular sight!

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