Spa with a view!

by Royalty on

We have a wonderful spa at The Royal Livingstone Hotel – with five tented gazebos situated along the banks of the Zambezi River with a spectacular view of the Victoria Falls. The gazebos are completely private and peaceful, a lovely venue for a massage, away from the hustle and bustle of activities we offer at the resort. Our guests have so much to do that it is nice to be able to offer an experience which restores calm to their lives.

The other day one of our guests was tired after a trip to the Victoria Falls and a walk down to the Boiling Pot to see the gorges below. I met her as she arrived back at The Royal Livingstone Hotel. The walk to the Boiling Pot is about 500 metres along a winding path from the top of the gorge down to the bottom by the river. It is quite a walk, especially in the heat. And the walk back up again is even worse! The guest looked worn out.

I know what I need, she told me. I need a massage. She quickly booked an appointment. After a cooling shower she walked over the lawns to the massage tent and the awaiting masseuse.

A little over an hour later I happened upon the same guest. She looked so relaxed.

I have been pampered. It feels like heaven. I didn’t realise that you can see the Victoria Falls while having a massage here. When lying face down you look at a mirror and can see the river and the spray from the Falls. It is magic. What a wonderful idea.

The aroma coming from all those wonderful oils, the sound of the river rushing by and the birds in the trees while watching the spray from the Victoria Falls it was like a true ‘Out of Africa’ experience. I was dreaming I was in one of Zambia’s wilderness parks far away from the madding crowd.

I am almost refreshed enough to walk down to the Boiling Pot again. But maybe not. I am going down to the deck overlooking the river and continue to bask in the sensations of that massage. I think I will have a sun downer too.

And for that guest, another wonderful day in Africa came to an end….

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