The Development of Nsongwe Village

by Royalty on

Development in the villages around Livingstone can be a long and expensive job. Bridget Meyer knows that only too well. Bridget was born in the village of Nsongwe, 5 km from the Sun International Resort. It is a village high up on the rocky terrain around the gorges of the Zambezi River.

Bridget married an American, Bob, who had worked in Livingstone many years ago and they went to live in America. She did not forget her roots and for the past 12 years she has been working towards getting electricity to her village, Nsongwe. In May 2013 her dream came true and she witnessed the lights go on in her old school and in the village clinic.

She told me: Some of the ladies have given birth by torchlight. The children can’t learn after it gets dark. Now life will be much better for all of us.

Bridget’s first step on her marathon electricity connection started with the running of an overhead cable from a village 5 km away. When the staff from the electricity company came to put in the poles they complained that the ground was too hard to dig. They went away but Bridget would not let them rest until the job was completed. The next step was to put in a transformer in the village and then, finally, the school and the clinic were wired up.

Not only did the development take years, it also took thousands of dollars. Many well-wishers came in to add to the kitty for the work and the people of the village helped by selling their handicrafts.

On the day of the lights going on the whole village and many dignitaries came to witness the event. They even had a band playing their electric guitars! It was an exciting day for everyone.

Is Bridget satisfied with her work? Yes, she is, but she has many more plans. She told me: The road from Livingstone needs to be improved and I want the school and clinic to have running water. There is a lot more to do.

Bridget has boundless energy and I can tell that she will not rest on her laurels. She and Bob moved back to Zambia two years ago and have bought a farm nearby. Bob is renewing his passion for rafting on the river and Bridget will continue her mission to develop the village.

We’re thrilled to have such great partners in developing our community!


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