Our amazing grounds and the people who keep them in top condition.

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Looking after the grounds at Sun International Zambia is a mammoth task. Our two hotels, The Zambezi Sun and The Royal Livingstone, are set in 46 hectares of indigenous woodland. To keep the grounds looking pristine and yet allowing nature to flourish is always a constant dilemma. Nature wants us to leave it alone; but the needs of the resort mean that we must keep our grounds attractive all year round.

At this time of year the skies are blue, the temperatures are high and there is not a drop of rain on the way for another month The natural state of our bush in Zambia at this time is one of many leafless trees and yellow grass waving in the breeze. Although that is fine in our parks, it is not what we need in our grounds.

Our lawns and verges at the resort are watered daily to keep them green and immaculate, but in our natural areas, we try, as much as possible, to leave it as nature intended. However, we do give them a bit of help now and again and put the sprinklers on. This allows the grass, herbs and trees to sprout new growth so that our wildlife has plenty to eat, and so that we create a natural ‘firebreak’.

Our grounds are managed by one of our business partners and a new manager has recently been appointed. His name is Chris Stonier and he comes highly experienced and qualified. He has trained in horticulture and has many years’ experience at our sister resort, Sun City, located in the beautiful North West province in South Africa.

Although Chris has only been on site a few months he has already put his stamp on the grounds. He does, though, have a big task in front of him; our indigenous plants at the resort are new to him. I am looking forward to seeing his reaction to the transformation of the grounds when the rains start. This is the time when indigenous bulbs just appear from the ground and send up beautiful flowers.

Chris spends his day between the office and driving around the grounds on a golf cart. He drives around the pathways inspecting the gardens and instructing his staff of 30 gardeners. He told me that he is very impressed with the team he has inherited at the resort; as they are so committed to preserving our pristine environment!

Welcome to Livingstone Chris!


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