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Our successful Worm Farming operationsFinally, after a long wait, our worms have made compost! So last week was a red letter day when we harvested our first load. Most people will not understand how excited we are. Who could possibly get excited about compost? Sun International Resort in Livingstone does. And we are proud, too. Of course, we had to celebrate.

Our worm farm was set up about a year ago and has been cared for by our partners in the project, a group from Maramba suburb in Livingstone, called Care to Care. For all these months they have been coming to our resort, cutting up our kitchen waste and feeding it to their charges.

Our worms have been housed in specially designed homes with three tiers. The middle tier is the worms’ nest, the top tier has damp newspaper and the bottom one collects the liquid manure.

Mary and Helen, from FullCycle, who originally set up the project in 2009 returned for our celebration. They also brought more worm boxes. Not only can we harvest compost but we have also got many more worms. This is Expansion!

We all had a fun afternoon as the compost was taken from the boxes; the worms carefully removed and put into new nests with a lot more potato peel, cabbage, tomatoes to munch their way through – lucky worms. Mary and Helen helped us with the delicate process, giving more advice as they worked.

Our partners in this project will now sell the compost to Sun International for our gardens. For some time we have been buying up all the worm ‘tea’, the liquid manure which has been collected. The difference the worm tea has made to our roses has to be seen to be believed. And now we will have worm compost too.

I asked the group involved with the worm project what they were going to do with their income from the compost. They told me that they were going to buy school uniforms and pay school fees for the children in their care.

So, although this is a small project, it is making a difference to people’s lives and to our environment. We use our kitchen waste, thereby reducing our footprint on this world; we provide an income to families which otherwise would have nothing; and finally, we will have the most beautiful gardens in Livingstone. Who could ask for more? So you know now why we had to celebrate.

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  1. Annelie says:

    It would be nice to have an update and see photographs of the worm farm and the worm boxes.

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