Festive Horse Ride

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horseridingThe festive season is a time for families to get together, to be at peace and enjoy each other’s company. We were delighted at the Falls Resort during this year’s celebrations because we had families from all over the world who wanted to spend their time with us.

Children look forward all year to the festive season, and particularly Christmas, a time when moms and dads feel relaxed and spend time with them. Always, during school holidays, Kamp Kwena is fully organized. Kamp Kwena is our children’s playground and activity center near Zambezi Sun. ‘Kwena’ means crocodile in one of our Zambian languages.

We had an action-packed program for the children which included face-painting, obstacle races, nature walks, talent shows, horse rides and much more. The children arrived at Kamp Kwena with their parents for all the activities they wanted to do. Sometimes the parents just left them to play but others watched or joined in.

I met up with one American mom with her two daughters as they were taking a horse ride around the resort. Each horse was being led by an experienced handler. Our horses are very docile but they are also used by adults for rides into the bush. So, whenever children wish to ride them, we assign one handler with each horse to ensure safety.

Mom was running alongside the horses, camera in hand, chatting to her daughters. One of the girls said: Are we going to ride right to the Victoria Falls?
Mom told her daughter that she thought that the horses wouldn’t like to be too close to the Falls and that they would probably just ride along the river. The horses would like that.
Oh, said the daughter, well, can we go and visit the Victoria Falls again later when I have finished my ride?
Of course we can, dear, her mother said.
And then can we go back to Kamp Kwena because I made you an everlasting flower and I have left it there. I want to give it to you.
Of course we can, said mom again.
They continued their ride (or the walk for mom), taking the path along the river.

For us here at the Resort, it is so important to see our guests happy and to take back lifetime memories of their holiday. I wondered what this young girl would tell her American friends when she got back to school. I feel sure it would sound like magic to her friends.

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