Sun International Takes Corporate Social Investment To New Heights

With Corporate Social Investment (CSI) programmes based at both the Royal Livingstone Hotel and Zambezi Sun in Zambia, Sun International spearheads a ground-breaking initiative.
The CSI programme aims to bring a sense of environmental awareness to a land brimming with touristic appeal. By implementing an array of strategies aimed to uplift and reward the Zambian community and to preserve the natural beauty of the land, Sun International have carefully crafted platforms currently receiving international attention and acclaim.
The initiative includes, among others:

Worm Farms

In an attempt to increase capacity of organic waste management, Sun International has established an impressive worm farming program. The sale of the organic fertiliser produced not only sustains the surrounding resorts, but also pays the farm-keepers salaries, and will provide enough funds to re-invest in other ecological endeavours.


With the view to preventing plant disease, Sun International resorts have kick-started a study to introduce a new hydroponic farming system. Providing the community the advantage of soil-free farming, these hydroponic systems will work to stop crop damage and the potential loss of a vital part of community income.
The CSI programmes in Zambia have instilled a welcome injection of community faith, in a country still realising its holistic appeal. As a result, international eyes within the travel and accommodation spheres are now firmly set on Zambia as a strongly developing tourist destination.

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